Charity Trip (18 June 2013)

On June 18th, 2013, in a joint effort with Precision Control’s associates company, CTI Resources, the Sport Club Committee planned a special activity that we have not carried out before. It is planned with an objective to make the others happy which in turn made us happy that we have done it.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we made a visit to Rumah Shalom, Puchong to donate groceries, clothing, stationeries and other items that are needed by the orphanage. Other activities organized were fun games that was played and enjoyed by the children at Rumah Shalom. As it was brought to our attention that there were many damaged electrical switches, we helped fix and repair them during the visit.

As we arrived at the orphanage, the children were already prepared for our arrival and were sitting in an orderly manner. They looked happy and excited by our arrival. Knowing the sad situation there, we tried to be cheerful and friendly to the children by waving and smiling at the children. After getting to know the children and the work done by Rumah Shalom, we were glad that the Sport Club Committee organized such visit, with everyone involved taking home blessings and rich spiritual joy.